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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning [Friday night]
One would think, really, given how long she'd been around people who knew their way around technology backwards and forwards, that Sookie would have gotten the hang of the internet by now.

One would think.

She'd managed the other portions of this little date night quite well, really. She'd made cookies, she'd actually made sure that neither of them had prior commitments, she'd checked the lock on the door to the room she shared with Bobby (look, she was aware that they lived in a house filled with teenage mutants and locks were sort of irrelevant but still), but now she was left struggling with this final bit.

"Honey, remind me again how torrents work?" she called. "I'm not gonna get a virus from this pirate bay thing, right?"

[for the husband, but open to calls and texts and such too!]

"Nah," Bobby shook his head. "They're usually pretty good about taking down anything with a virus in it, and besides... even if you did download something hinky, we beefed up security last time the Phalanx hacked their way in. If a sentient techno-organic virus can't get past the firewall, some code written by some dude sitting in a basement won't stand a chance."

"I just don't want to be the person who messes up the firewall," Sookie said, clicking the download button with a wince. "I'd never hear the end of it. I mean, we could just get a movie the legal way."

But that would probably involve leaving the house or something and laaaaaaaazy.

"That sounds like more work than I'm willing to do on a Friday night," Bobby admitted.

"We'd definitely have to wear pants the whole time," Sookie added mournfully.

"Yeah," Bobby made a face. "I hear there's rules about that."

"And getting yelled at for indecent exposure or something sounds like even more work," Sookie added. "So, okay, fine, so this thing is downloading. Bobby, it's gonna take fourteen hours, it says -- oh, wait. Now it's ten hours."


"Now it's like seven minutes. I'll be patient."

"See?" Bobby said around a mouthful of cookie. "It's fiiiiiine. What're we even watching, though?"

"The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari," Sookie told him, confident no one was going to app from that, ever frowning as she looked at the torrent. "It's supposed to be like, an important movie."

Sookie had maybe picked this one out so that she'd seem smart. She didn't know anything about it, at all. Oops.

Bobby peered at the screen. "It's from a million years ago," he noted. Well. More like a hundred, but still. "Is this gonna be one of those movies with no sound?"

"...maybe?" Sookie hedged. "We can make up our own dialogue that way! It'll be fun!"

"It says it's a horror movie," Bobby said thoughtfully, looking at the little info blurb. "Maybe it won't be so bad, then."

"I hope it's not really scary," Sookie said dubiously. "I mean, it's from 1920 so who knows. They were into weird stuff back then."

So worldly.

"... It can't be scarier than anything we've faced in real life," Bobby pointed out. Because crazy vampires, evil werewolves, anti-mutant pseudomilitaries, plus all the weird shit Fandom itself liked to throw at them?

"Bobby, what if there's ghosts? Or Nazi propaganda?" Sookie said logically. "I mean, sure, we've seen some scary stuff, but what if it's something we haven't seen before?"

Bobby opened his mouth, about to point out that he, at least, had definitely seen both those things before. But then he thought better of it. Nitpicking wasn't the point here. "If either of us gets scared then we don't have to finish watching it," he decided instead. "We'll find something else."

"I'm just saying, it's trying really hard to be weird," Sookie pointed out. "Look at that cover art."


"I think I saw something like that in an art museum once," Bobby agreed.

"Is he carrying her under his arm?" Sookie leaned forward to study the picture a little better. "That just doesn't seem logical. You always seem to grab me under the legs and shoulders. I mean, a fireman's carry would make more sense but I guess that'd probably look funny."

"Yeah, like that doesn't," Bobby snorted.

"Well, yes, but at least it's her face," Sookie pointed out helpfully.

"I guess," Bobby said, his tone still dubious regarding the merits of carrying someone like a piece of luggage. "Is it ready to go yet?"

"It says seventeen more se -- oh, wait, it's done."

Sookie frowned at him as she poked around for the actual file. "Torrents are weird, Bobby."


"I know," Bobby agreed. "I don't really know how they work, they just kinda do. And then we don't have to bother with pants!"

"We lead such exciting lives."


"I mean, normally we actually do, so I guess we're allowed to be excited over not having to put on pants on a Friday night once in awhile."


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