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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning [Monday afternoon]
You would think, given who Sookie had married, that she'd be used to cold weather.

You would think.

And Sookie would have argued that everything was fine until the words 'polar vortex' had entered everyone's vocabulary, and she suddenly had to get to school and back to the mansion in what felt like negative a thousand degrees. (Fine, fine, -11 windchill, she was being a baby, whatever.)

And it was so cold today that once Sookie had gotten back from class, she'd immediately thrown herself into the shower to thaw, and was now wrapped up in flannel pajama pants, a hoodie, and a blanket. Because that wasn't excessive or anything.

...and she might have been contemplating a scarf, too. Yes, the mansion was heated. Why?

Meanwhile, cold aside, she was trying desperately to make sense of her notes from last week and form flashcards out of them. But being back in regular school after Fandom had been a tough transition on her, and every now and then she'd find something...weird in her notes.

"Huh. The guy behind me in my child psych class is cheating on his girlfriend. Forgot about that."

Her habit of writing notes stream-of-consciousness had its drawbacks.

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