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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Monday evening
Sookie had gotten restless without a mindless sort of project to focus on in her free time. Summer had come and gone, and with it the wedding that she'd spent months preparing for. Her thank-you notes had taken her into fall, sure, but she had readily welcomed the beginning of the holidays as a chance for something to do that wasn't either studying or, well, really dangerous.

So even if it was only 50 degrees outside, and even if it was only mid-November, Sookie was happily curled up in the room she shared with Bobby browsing the internet for gifts and recipes. She wouldn't buy anything until next week, of course. There was enjoying the holidays early, and there was condoning the horrible consumerism outright. She knew where the line was drawn, thank you.

[open for le fake husband or phone calls or emails or whatever. :) I'm freezing, typing keeps my fingers warm.]

If you asked Bobby, it was still far too warm out. But then, he said that about every day that didn't at least involve snow on the ground.

Sookie had heard it all before, though, which is why he was doing his best to keep his wishing-for-colder-temperatures both vocally and mentally silent.

He wasn't going to keep silent about the math tests he was currently marking, though.

"Oh my god," he said, bitchfacing at a particular paper. "I can't believe this. We went over this stuff like twelve times."

"That bad?" Sookie asked sympathetically, pausing her perusing of yet another do-it-yourself mesh wreath. "I mean, math is hard, honey."

Sookie was a touch too sympathetic with the students, sometimes.

"I asked them to find the slope of a line," Bobby said with a sigh, turning the paper over so Sookie could see. "He drew a giraffe."

It was actually a pretty good drawing, all things considered. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE POINT.

"But look, sweetie, the neck is all slopey!" Sookie tried. "He...found the slope of a line...kind of."

She was not going to point out how hilarious it was for her to watch Bobby deal with a smartass student. She was not.

"But," Bobby whined. "Ugh, I give up," he declared, throwing the paper back onto the stack and moving to flop down next to Sookie. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Deciding whether reindeer cookies should have pretzel antlers," Sookie said, tilting her screen at him. "I think they're cute but they could totally end up weird-looking, couldn't they?"

Well, honestly, mostly Bobby thought that as long as they were edible, that was what was important.

But he also was of the (somewhat biased, yet justified as it had never been wrong) opinion that anything Sookie made would turn out awesome.

"If you make 'em they'll be great," he said, leaning over to press a kiss to her temple.

"It's not fair to suck up to the cook so you'll get more cookies," Sookie pointed out, grinning at him.

It might not have been fair, but it'd totally work. Which he probably knew perfectly well.

"All's fair in love and cookies," Bobby declared loftily.

"So I can withhold them, then, if I should so choose?" Sookie replied, arching a brow at him.


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