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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Christmas night
There had been people going in and out of the mansion all day, and Sookie's heels were starting to ache. Sure, she always liked the opportunity to dress up, and the fancy dinner thing they'd been hosting had been fantastic, but now, she was more than ready to just go upstairs and curl up with Bobby in her pajamas. It was tiring, spending a whole evening meeting people and smiling and shielding the whole while, even if she'd gotten better at it.

Of course, the flaw in this plan of hers was that she couldn't find Bobby at the moment, and thus was stuck deciding whether to lower her shields and locate him that way, or wait it out.

Christmas at Xavier's had always been one of Bobby's favorite times. Sure, the mansion more or less had an open-door policy year-round, but this was the time of year when it really came in to play. People came by because they didn't have anywhere else to go for Christmas, or because the X-Men were their family now.

Which meant there was no shortage of telepaths he could enlist in helping make himself 'disappear' just long enough to accomplish something that needed doing.

Now that everything was ready, he closed his eyes and sent out a mental hey Sookieeeeee.

<< Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? >> Sookie sent back, frowning a little as Bobby came pinging against her shields. << I've been looking for you all over! >>

Sorry he replied, sounding... not all that apologetic after all. Come outside, past the greenhouse.

<< Why? >> Sookie replied, starting out where directed and wrapping her arms around herself, as it was December. << Can't you come in here? >>

There's something you need to see.

Perhaps he meant that ice-castle glittering in the moonlight like something out of a fairy tale?

Bobby stood in the doorway of said castle, bouncing on his heels and grinning widely. He was... kind of the worst at subtle, yes.

Sookie was about to respond telepathically when -- well. It was kind of hard to miss.

"...what's this?" she asked softly, her steps slowing as she approached. "I...oh, Bobby, wow."

"You like it?" he asked, holding out a hand for her to take.

"I love it," Sookie said softly, taking the offered hand as she stared up at the castle, "but...what is it? I mean, I see that it's a castle, and you made it, but...why?"

She was maybe vaguely worrying she'd forgotten an anniversary of theirs or something -- it'd been a long couple of weeks.

"Because," he said, leading her inside the just-big-enough-for-two-people ice castle, "The look on your face, when you saw it? Was pretty amazing." Well, and also another thing. That he'd get to. Eventually.

"It's not every day there's a castle in your backyard," Sookie agreed, now kind of staring around at the inside. "I mean, this is...pretty fantastic, even for my-boyfriend-is-a-popsicle standards." She looked back at him, somewhere between awestruck and beaming. "Just for funsies? Really? I mean...God, Bobby, wow. I feel like a princess."

More than usual, even!

Bobby's other hand, the one that wasn't holding on to Sookie's, was shoved deep in his pocket, fiddling with something in there.

A look of nervousness settled over his features as he cleared his throat. "Well, actually, um."

"I mean, look," Sookie said, ignoring his fiddling for the moment. Look, this was going on three years now with Bobby. She'd gotten used to ignoring his fidgeting. "Like, the detail's really amazing, sweetheart. Is this for Christmas?"

"Sort of?" Bobby hedged, rocking back and forth on his heels. Okay. Okay. He could do this. He was going to do this.

He pulled the box from his pocket and held it out to her, flipping it open. "Well, I was thinking, um. I mean maybe. If you'd like. You don't have to, but?"

Sookie's free hand flew to her mouth. "Oh my stars," she breathed. "Bobby...oh my God. Oh my God, Bobby, it's beautiful."

And now her brain was catching up, and more importantly, the nerves from him were making their way across their bond and into her awareness, and she understood this wasn't just a Christmas present.

"...Bobby. Are you -- I mean, are you...asking what I think you're asking?" she asked softly, her eyes as wide as saucers.

"If what you think I'm asking means we'd be spending the rest of our lives together as, you know, an us? Then yes. That's what I'm asking."

Sookie felt like she might burst, and her smile looked like it was close to splitting her face.

Her answer traveled across their bond telepathically with a surge of warmth before she was able to vocalize it -- good thing, too, since her voice didn't seem to be working very well. "Yes," she whispered, her throat suddenly kind of...lumpy.

Bobby let out a breath that he didn't even know he'd been holding, and then beamed widely at Sookie before grabbing her in a hug.

"That's what I hoped you'd say," he managed finally.

[And Merry Christmas! Preplayed with the fantabulous longislandiceme, and NFB, OOC reactions welcome. (You can say that 'FINALLY' now, Karla.)]



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