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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Sunday Evening
Sookie had spent the day trying to study -- sure, she'd only been in school for two weeks, but she had an exam on the Age of Jackson on Tuesday and let's be real, that was not one of the more interesting times in America's young life. But she'd been doing her work and dutifully highlighting, and now, she was looking forward to just stretching out with her boyfriend and a movie.

At least, she had been. But as she walked across their bedroom to put her books by her backpack, she stepped on what was undeniably a boy-sock. Again. On the floor. Again.

"Seriously?" she asked, not quite under her breath.


Bobby, meanwhile, had been downstairs going over the school's account books (free of charge, of course, because why should a school run by a millionaire have to pay someone who was still technically just a student to do their books for them?), and so had missed out on the cause for Sookie's annoyance.

"Honey, I'm hooooome!" he announced cheerfully. Never mind that neither of them had left the grounds today.

"Hey," Sookie said, somewhat less effusively as she gingerly knelt down and plucked up the offending pair of socks from the floor and walked over to the hamper with them, exaggerating her movements. "Did you have fun with math?"

She'd hope maybe he'd just get the fact she was irritated on his own, yes. Silly Sookie.

"Don't I always?" Bobby asked. Her movements gave him pause, yes, but probably not for the reason she'd hoped.

"Are you okay?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at her. "You seem a little, uh-" Maybe she'd been training in the Danger Room?

"A little what?" Sookie asked, tilting her head at him. "A little annoyed? Because I spent all day studying and hey, what would I want more to do than to pick up after guy who's had roughly two decades to learn where his dirty socks go. So that would be accurate, if that's what you were going to say."

"...No?" Bobby gawped at her. "I was gonna say you were sort of moving a little funny."

"Because I wanted you to notice that I seem to know where your socks go," Sookie replied tersely.

"It's not like I need them to keep my feet warm or anything," Bobby shrugged, completely misinterpreting that statement.

"We don't need them to keep the floor warm, either," Sookie pointed out, sighing. "There's a basket? Where we keep the laundry? So it's not on the floor."

Why she had ever thought she'd make headway on this was a mystery.

"Ohhhh," Bobby said, nodding slowly.

"Like how we put clean things away in drawers?" he added a few moments later, his tone all innocence.

"Or the closet!" Sookie said, nodding. He was getting it!

"Riiiiight," Bobby drawled. "So I suppose these," he stalked over to the ensuite bathroom and disappeared inside for a moment, before emerging once more, a handful of Sookie's bras in hand, "just appeared here of their own volition, am I correct?"

"Those are drying!" They had probably finished drying awhile ago, actually, but still. "They're delicate! I can't just put them in the dryer, Bobby!"

Weak defense, Stackhouse.

"Those probably finished drying like, a million years ago," Bobby retorted.

"Like, maybe this morning," Sookie tried. "And besides, those are clean, and not in the middle of everything like your socks!"

"They're in the middle of the bathroom."

"But hanging up! To the side! Kind of," Sookie tried. "And I've asked you to pick up your socks before, anyway."

"Still awkward when someone else comes into the room!" Bobby said defensively. "And I totally pick them up when you ask!" Key words being 'when you ask'. As opposed to, you know, just doing it on his own.

"Who else is coming into our room to use the bathroom?" Sookie asked, rolling her eyes. "Your socks are there, for all to see, and you're way too old for me to have to chase you about them so that's not an excuse!"

"I have friends, Sookie, as strange as that may be. Sometimes they even come inside my room!" He made a face. "I don't see what the big deal is, they're just socks."

"Exactly!" she said, jabbing a finger towards him. "They're just socks, so what exactly is the big deal about picking them up so I don't have to feel like I'm your mom or your maid?"

"Hey, hey, now," Bobby said, taking a step forward. "I don't remember forcing you to pick up my socks."

"My desire to not live in squalor forces me," Sookie said primly, crossing her arms. "I keep a neat house, Bobby, but if you think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life picking up after you, you've got another thing coming."

"They're socks, not nuclear was-" wait, what?

"... The rest of your life?" he squeaked, staring at her, bras dropping to the floor, forgotten.

"Yeah," Sookie said, a little hesitant now, rather than angry. "I mean, unless you keep leavin' your damn socks on the floor. I'd...kinda been thinking we know, moving towards permanent stuff?"


"Unless you weren't. I mean."

"No, I was!" Bobby was nodding emphatically now. "I mean, I do! Want that, I mean. I just," he glanced down at the floor, noticing yet another dirty sock, and nudged at it with a toe sort of absently. "I'm scared," he admitted. "That some day you'll wake up and realize how much better you could do." Why hello there, massive self-doubt issues. Haven't seen you in a while.

Sookie just stared at him for a long moment, then sighed. "You're an idiot. I love you, but you're an idiot."

And then cue her crossing over to wrap her arms around him, so it was obvious it was that kind of 'you're an idiot.'

And Bobby was clinging back, kind of desperately. "And you're amazing," he said into her shoulder. "You can see where the two don't quite match up?"

"No, no, there's lines here, baby. Read between them," Sookie directed, shifting to cup his face. "You're an idiot if you somehow think you're not stuck with me. Seriously. It's gonna take a lot more than some socks to chase me off, sweetheart."

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"It's not just the socks," he said. "It's lots of things." Like the fact that he still felt like a stupid kid half the time despite a high school diploma (and a driver's license) that said otherwise.

"Technically speaking you're older than me now," Sookie pointed out quietly, catching the source of that particular insecurity. "And it's not like I don't do stupid crap all the time, too. But I've been here for two years and I'm kinda not planning on going anywhere. Promise."

Bobby went quiet as Sookie's words sunk in. "I'mma hold you to that," managed finally. And then: "...And I'll try to remember the stupid socks."

"You better," Sookie said, leaning forward to rest her forehead against his. "Or I'm gonna have to start taking drastic measures. And no one wants that."

Sookie wasn't entirely sure what 'drastic measures' she'd take in this instance. Fewer muffins?

"And I'll keep my lingerie out of the bathroom and invest in a delicates bag. Though should be notes that that might warp them and then my boobs'll look all funny."

"Please," Bobby scoffed. "As if your boobs could ever be anything but perfect."

So romantic, Drake.

"I love you," Sookie said in response to that. "Please keep sayin' that when we're all old and they're down to my knees, okay?"

Trying to freak him out with more future statements? Yup. She sort of wanted him to just become immune.


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