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Bobby and Sookie's Room at the Arms [Sunday evening]
Sookie had left the room without shoes when she'd gone tearing out to find Bobby, so it was unsurprising that the room was exactly as they'd left it last week. But, honestly, she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings at all. Sookie was clinging so tightly to Bobby that she'd barely been able to find her hotel key.

"-- and I just woke up, like, I woke up, Bobby," she was babbling as she fumbled the door open. "I didn't think I'd ever wake up again."

She'd also woken up kind of cold. Probably a coincidence, or due to how she'd kicked off the sheets in her sleep, or the AC was on too high.

[derp who could this be for]

"I was- I was talking to people about taking you, your body back to Bon Temps," he shivered, though it had nothing to do with temperature.

"Raven kept showing me your dead body," she replied, taking a few deep breaths. "Yours and Jason's. It's why I finally -- you know."

And apparently he was going to keep up that whole not-letting-go thing he'd been doing for the past few days as he led them over to the couch. Though it was... decidedly less morbid, at this point. "Oh god, Raven," he groaned. "This... isn't gonna go over well." Possibly a bit of an understatement.

"Not at all," Sookie agreed, already feeling a little nauseated. "I don't think I can see her for a little while. Like, at all."

"I don't blame you," Bobby said, drawing her closer until she was practically sitting on top of him. He'd seen people pushed to that point and back again, back home, but he wasn't going to insist Sookie see her before she was ready.

Pfff, almost. Sookie shifted to curl up in his lap, leaning her head on his shoulder. "I mean, it wasn't her, but...doesn't really change the whole she-killed-me thing."

"I was so lost without you," he murmured softly into her hair.

"You were the only thing keeping me sane," Sookie mumbled. "For a given value of sane, but still."

"We kept each other sane," Bobby told her. "I definitely wasn't the model of a mentally balanced individual either."

"Did she -- she didn't hurt anyone else, after me, did she?" she asked softly, terrified of the answer. "Tell me I kind of...stopped that. It meant something?"

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"I don't know," Bobby answered honestly. "I wasn't really paying attention to anything that happened after." He had vague, fuzzy memories of Bruce Hulking out, but that was about it.

"She didn't hurt you," Sookie sighed. "Good enough for me. That's worth dying over."

She snuggled a little closer. "What did you do...after? I mean, how long was it?"

"Three, four days, I think?" Bobby frowned, trying to think. "I wouldn't let anyone take you- your body, I mean."

"You kept me?" That was...bizarrely sweet. And unexpected. "I...didn't realize that."

She hadn't put a lot of thought into where her body had gone to.

"I couldn't go near you when you were alive," he explained with a shrug. "So..." he trailed off, letting that just hang there.

And for some reason, that was kind of too much for her to handle. Not in the break-down-and-cry kind of way -- she'd had a lot of that already. More like in the can't-express-this-with-words-anymore way.

So she shifted in his lap to kiss him, sliding her hands up to cradle his face. She kind of couldn't believe she hadn't yet.

And Bobby, predictably enough, responded with the kind of enthusiasm one might expect of someone who hadn't been able to do this in years. Even though really, his 'real' memories told him it had only been a little over a week.

But still. It was hard to remember that a week ago, this very hotel had played host to numerous bouts of...catching up. (Sookie's bra was still hanging off one of the lamps, for goodness' sake.) But it was hard to think of that as reality when, for a week, they'd been unable to kiss or hug or even hold hands.

She moved to straddle his lap, her mind open to him -- and wasn't that a relief, to have their bond back in full force? << I missed you, I missed you, I missed you. >>

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Relief didn't even begin to describe it.

What happened next was equal parts desperate and needy and gentle and slow.

And when they were finished (for the moment), still curled up together though they'd somehow made it to the bed, at least, Bobby looked at her and said: "Don't leave."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Sookie murmured, tucking her head against his shoulder. "You're not getting rid of me that easily." Pause. "Sam expects me back at work...last week, though. Oops."

"Well, he can deal without you for a little while more," Bobby said stubbornly.

"Yeah, he'll have to," Sookie replied, snuggling closer. "Thank god I don't have school. I'm not going back yet. I don't want to go back at all."

"About that," Bobby said thoughtfully. "Summer's just about over. I know we kinda talked about it before at least, the player seems to vaguely remember something although she could be wrong but um- what do you wanna do once September rolls around and I have to leave here?"

Sookie frowned, propping herself up on an elbow. "Well. I mean, where are you planning on going? We could...keep doing the long-distance thing?"

But that had already been so hard, and in light of the last week, Sookie was dreading going back to Louisiana. Not that she didn't love her friends and Jason, or her job, but...well, she could wait tables anywhere.

"I kind of, um. Really hate the idea of keeping up the long distance stuff?" Bobby admitted.

"Well, me too," Sookie ventured, "but I'm not gonna ask you to move to Bon Temps with me. I barely like living there."

"How do you feel about New York?" bobby ventured. "I mean, there's always lots of room at the mansion, or we could get an apartment, or you could, just cause we'd be in the same city doesn't mean we don't have to move in together..." that last was tacked on kind of as an afterthought, even though he preferred the first two options.

Sookie stared at him, a dawning sense of wonder crossing her features. "Are you askin' me to move in with you?" she asked, smiling slowly. Because he totally was -- safety net clauses and caveats aside, that was what he was doing.

"Yeah," he said hesitantly. And then again, with more confidence and an answering grin: "Yeah. I am. So... what do you think?"

"I think," Sookie said, slowly, "that Jason's gonna be really happy to finally get Gran's house."

"I promise the mansion will actually be furnished and stuff," Bobby told her, remembering her first (and so far only) not-so-pleasant visit to Xavier's.

"They won't mind me moving in there, too?" Sookie asked hesitantly, though she was internally brimming over with happiness.

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"Please," Bobby scoffed. "There's plenty of room, and you're close enough to being a mutant that no one will care. Plus, everyone who's met you already likes you." Well, except possibly Marrow and Cecilia, who didn't really count because the two of them didn't like anyone associated with the X-Men, and besides, he had no idea if they were even at Xavier's anymore.

"What about school?" Sookie noted, though she was already trying to think of work-arounds. "I mean, I'm not gonna drop out...."

"You could transfer to ESU," Bobby said. "We can set up your transcripts and everything so it won't be an issue." And okay, by 'we' he meant 'Hank or someone else with enough computer expertise to make that happen'.

And see, he had every answer she needed to hear. "This is a really big step," Sookie offered, mostly as a way for him to last-chance back out if he wanted.

She really hoped he didn't.

"I watched you die last week," Bobby said softly. "I know, technically speaking, that it didn't actually happen, not to us. But there's a timeline out there where it did, and that made a few things about you and me really, really clear."

"No kidding," Sookie agreed quietly. "I mean, I already think know, us, a lot. But if there's anything that dying -- or not dying, or however we're gonna think about it -- taught me, it's that life's really, really short, and I wanna spend as much of mine with you as possible."

She reached out to smooth his hair a little, smiling. "So yeah. I'd like that. I'll move to New York."

"I was hoping that's what you'd say," he grinned back at her. After a few moments, he added: "Of course, full disclosure: things are bound to be sort of crazy there." But she'd gone to school in Fandom, and her own world wasn't exactly free from the sort of insanity the X-Men encountered on a daily basis, so... he figured she could handle it.

"Oh no, what a deterrent," Sookie said dryly, raising a brow. "Have I mentioned that I think Sam's a werewolf or something? Seriously, you're not going to scare me off that easily."


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