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Stackhouse Residence [Bon Temps, Louisiana, Tuesday afternoon]
It was finally, finally, finally, finally starting to warm up. Not that it had ever been that cold in the Streveport area to begin with, but today, it was a cool and temperate 75 degrees in Sookie's backyard. And on top of that, she didn't have class today, and Sam wasn't expecting her at work until tonight.

That meant only one thing.

Sure, it was a touch cold for her bikini, but Sookie was past caring. Her hair was dull, her skin pale, and honestly, she'd gotten spoiled with spring break trips in Fandom. She hadn't gotten out in the sun since October, really, and now that it was possible, she'd pulled on a pair of shorts over her swimsuit and set out to try and tend her slightly-overgrown garden a bit. Her movements and humming kept her warm, and even if there was a chill in the air, the sun itself seemed restorative. She'd brought her phone in her pocket, too, and had a small radio set up on the back porch.


[open for calls/texts/emails/what have you, yes.]


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