Xavier Institute for Higher Learning [Friday night]
...did you need something?
One would think, really, given how long she'd been around people who knew their way around technology backwards and forwards, that Sookie would have gotten the hang of the internet by now.

One would think.

She'd managed the other portions of this little date night quite well, really. She'd made cookies, she'd actually made sure that neither of them had prior commitments, she'd checked the lock on the door to the room she shared with Bobby (look, she was aware that they lived in a house filled with teenage mutants and locks were sort of irrelevant but still), but now she was left struggling with this final bit.

"Honey, remind me again how torrents work?" she called. "I'm not gonna get a virus from this pirate bay thing, right?"

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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning [Monday afternoon]
yes you are full of crap
You would think, given who Sookie had married, that she'd be used to cold weather.

You would think.

And Sookie would have argued that everything was fine until the words 'polar vortex' had entered everyone's vocabulary, and she suddenly had to get to school and back to the mansion in what felt like negative a thousand degrees. (Fine, fine, -11 windchill, she was being a baby, whatever.)

And it was so cold today that once Sookie had gotten back from class, she'd immediately thrown herself into the shower to thaw, and was now wrapped up in flannel pajama pants, a hoodie, and a blanket. Because that wasn't excessive or anything.

...and she might have been contemplating a scarf, too. Yes, the mansion was heated. Why?

Meanwhile, cold aside, she was trying desperately to make sense of her notes from last week and form flashcards out of them. But being back in regular school after Fandom had been a tough transition on her, and every now and then she'd find something...weird in her notes.

"Huh. The guy behind me in my child psych class is cheating on his girlfriend. Forgot about that."

Her habit of writing notes stream-of-consciousness had its drawbacks.

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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Monday evening
whaaaat a dork
Sookie had gotten restless without a mindless sort of project to focus on in her free time. Summer had come and gone, and with it the wedding that she'd spent months preparing for. Her thank-you notes had taken her into fall, sure, but she had readily welcomed the beginning of the holidays as a chance for something to do that wasn't either studying or, well, really dangerous.

So even if it was only 50 degrees outside, and even if it was only mid-November, Sookie was happily curled up in the room she shared with Bobby browsing the internet for gifts and recipes. She wouldn't buy anything until next week, of course. There was enjoying the holidays early, and there was condoning the horrible consumerism outright. She knew where the line was drawn, thank you.

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Stackhouse Residence - Bon Temps, Louisiana [Saturday evening, Fandom time]
just a pretty girl
When guests arrived at Sookie's girlhood home -- now her brother's house, though she'd descended upon it over the last week in a fit of Pinterest-driven decorating -- they would find all the makings for a simple country wedding. The big tree out back, where she and Jason had climbed as children, and under which Bobby had built her a snowman several Christmases ago, was laced with fairy lights, a lattice archway underneath. There were lanterns lighted throughout the acre of land on which the house sat, glowing softly in the dimming light.

It was a little cool, for Louisiana in August -- the humidity still clung, though a bayou breeze would occasionally bring relief. And if that didn't, there was already an open bar being stocked next to the house, for after the ceremony. (Sookie was insistent on that point. They weren't that unconventional, even if they were getting married in Bon Temps after all -- the original plan had been to have the ceremony up north and several weeks ago, but a mission had gotten in the way, and there was no use crying over lost security deposits now.)

Welcome to the Stackhouse-Drake wedding.

Sent to the vast majority of Fandomites and alumni.....
just a pretty girl
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[text reads:
Together with their families,
Sookie Stackhouse and Bobby Drake
joyfully invite you to their wedding
August 3, 2013
6:30 in the evening
Bon Temps, Louisiana
Dinner and dancing immediately to follow.

And obviously, if you think you got an invite, you did. :) And let's all pretend that Sookie's a more with-it bride-to-be than I am and didn't forget to invite people until, um, yesterday.]

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Christmas night
all dressed up
There had been people going in and out of the mansion all day, and Sookie's heels were starting to ache. Sure, she always liked the opportunity to dress up, and the fancy dinner thing they'd been hosting had been fantastic, but now, she was more than ready to just go upstairs and curl up with Bobby in her pajamas. It was tiring, spending a whole evening meeting people and smiling and shielding the whole while, even if she'd gotten better at it.

Of course, the flaw in this plan of hers was that she couldn't find Bobby at the moment, and thus was stuck deciding whether to lower her shields and locate him that way, or wait it out.

It's okay, he finds her and solves that problem himself.Collapse )

[And Merry Christmas! Preplayed with the fantabulous longislandiceme, and NFB, OOC reactions welcome. (You can say that 'FINALLY' now, Karla.)]

eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh
"Hi there! You've reached Sookie Stackhouse. Please leave your name and number, and I'll return your call just as soon as I can. Thanks!"

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Sunday Evening
don't you sass me
Sookie had spent the day trying to study -- sure, she'd only been in school for two weeks, but she had an exam on the Age of Jackson on Tuesday and let's be real, that was not one of the more interesting times in America's young life. But she'd been doing her work and dutifully highlighting, and now, she was looking forward to just stretching out with her boyfriend and a movie.

At least, she had been. But as she walked across their bedroom to put her books by her backpack, she stepped on what was undeniably a boy-sock. Again. On the floor. Again.

"Seriously?" she asked, not quite under her breath.


Bobby and Sookie's Room at the Arms [Sunday evening]
Sookie had left the room without shoes when she'd gone tearing out to find Bobby, so it was unsurprising that the room was exactly as they'd left it last week. But, honestly, she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings at all. Sookie was clinging so tightly to Bobby that she'd barely been able to find her hotel key.

"-- and I just woke up, like, I woke up, Bobby," she was babbling as she fumbled the door open. "I didn't think I'd ever wake up again."

She'd also woken up kind of cold. Probably a coincidence, or due to how she'd kicked off the sheets in her sleep, or the AC was on too high.

[derp who could this be for]

Stackhouse Residence [Bon Temps, Louisiana, Tuesday afternoon]
i am adorable when thinky
It was finally, finally, finally, finally starting to warm up. Not that it had ever been that cold in the Streveport area to begin with, but today, it was a cool and temperate 75 degrees in Sookie's backyard. And on top of that, she didn't have class today, and Sam wasn't expecting her at work until tonight.

That meant only one thing.

Sure, it was a touch cold for her bikini, but Sookie was past caring. Her hair was dull, her skin pale, and honestly, she'd gotten spoiled with spring break trips in Fandom. She hadn't gotten out in the sun since October, really, and now that it was possible, she'd pulled on a pair of shorts over her swimsuit and set out to try and tend her slightly-overgrown garden a bit. Her movements and humming kept her warm, and even if there was a chill in the air, the sun itself seemed restorative. She'd brought her phone in her pocket, too, and had a small radio set up on the back porch.


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